Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014: “A blank slate of possibility…” inspired by Governor General David Johnston

Our Governor General encourages us, as Canadians, to build a better country through his new years’ address and also his personal campaign and website.  Simple acts of kindness, regardless of whether we have the financial means to do so, makes our country and even better place to be.  Despite his work responsibilities, David Johnston reminds us that it is not the “title” that many of us identify ourselves by such as nurse or welder but that it is the spirit of who we are and what we “do” that makes a difference.  In supporting others, we also help ourselves.   A scientific study was produced in 2013 that confirmed this:  but the challenge in 2014 is to discover this for ourselves.   Please see: and

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Send up the count!

Send up the count!  When on patrol, “send up the count” means reaching out to the soldier ahead of you to let them know that you are still there.

Cpl Irvine and Sgt Harding have started a facebook campaign to encourage soldiers to mentally reach out to each other to fight depression and care for each other.

What a great idea! Talking is one of the first and best steps in caring for mental illness and it’s as basic as the “golden rule”.  In the “fight” for good mental health, as a community caring for each other, let’s “send up the count!”  Thanks Jordan Irvine and Brian Harding