Sunday, October 20, 2013

Concern or Curiosity?

In case you’re unfamiliar with how to identify an OPP car, our local newspaper hosted a full colour front page photo in this week’s edition.  In our neck of the woods, colour photos rarely appear in the paper, unless paid for, so this addition was special.

The headline?  OPP EXTRACT BARRICADED MAN.  For the full story, you need to turn to page 3.  A 27 year old man (not identified) however the street was named in this small town, was sent to local hospital for assessment.
People in our community, spending that Sunday afternoon 10 hours away in Toronto, heard of this story as it unfolded.  Many people knew of it through Facebook or through local gossip.
What a demonstration of the power of communication!  Two questions make me think though.
Is it not clear that the gentleman involved was having a difficult day….was the newspaper sensitive to that?
As a community, if we can express “concern” after someone is having a difficult day…..could we be even increasingly supportive by expressing concern before someone has such a difficult day?  Before the OPP and Crisis Unit and the local media arrived on the scene, could someone in the community have provided some help and support when the problem was unfolding?   Were there no signs that a bad day was brewing?
Are we reacting with concern or curiosity and prejudice?  Please let me know.

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