Thursday, September 5, 2013

Exercising laughter

It’s been a busy work day with a group of colleagues from around the province.  Near the end of the work day, which involved a lot of concentration, discussion and sitting, a co-worker quietly said to me that it was time for “brain gym”.  Thanks, Paula, for demonstrating an exercise and giving me a brief synopsis of what it involves, I had never heard of it before:

There are 26 exercises/movements which have been developed, and the concept is that doing these increases your ability to learn and retain information.  Actually trying this out in the middle of our group discussion (about a work related topic) really wasn’t possible….. So I’ll have to explore this more and see if it might be a possible solution or an aid to my menopausal memory problems and if it’s good for my mind.
What I can say for certain what is good for my mental health is a good laugh.   At the end of this work day, I was blessed with the opportunity to better get to know a wonderful group of gals.  We shared stories, some of wonderful trips and adventures but mostly about everyday life:  leaky roofs, driving experiences, the challenges of new living arrangements, finding the perfect special occasion dress in a second hand shop window with matching shoes and handbag, playing tag with nieces and nephews, carnation milk with tea and laughing at a cat crossing a city street directly at an intersection. 
It reminded me that, while not all situations in life are funny, it’s my attitude that will make a difference…..I need to continue to exercise my smile, Thanks gals!

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