Monday, September 9, 2013

A cause for phobia?

A new phobia, related to Swiss Cheese is now on the '"market". It is called : trypophobia (in other words, a fear of objects that are pock-marked or clustered with holes).  A dear friend shared the above photo with me, and I'm thinking I may just have this phobia too. The pic is of a star nosed mole, which neither she or I knew existed, until her cats graciously adorned her step with this "gift"....soup anyone?
Geoff Cole, a vision and attention expert at the University of Essex, recently stumbled upon this fear which can cause nauseousness...ok, not a good ingredient for soup then.
My "beef" about all of this, not the mole but the study, is that perhaps money could be generated towards more serious research...say Alzheimers? We know that depth perception is a significant problem in Alzheimers, and environments such as "speckled" terrazzo concrete type flooring often used in nursing homes can make a person with Alzheimers very sea sick and anxious.  I know one woman who constantly thinks she is "floating" at sea and has an extreme fear of water.
Maybe I'm just a scrooge, maybe Cole's idea to go ahead and research  this more to see if the phobia has an "evolutionary basis" is a good idea?  I wonder if his research could be speeded up if his cat left him a "holey" star nosed mole?

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