Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scatological humour...huh?

I admit, I had not heard of this type of humour until I did some research.  It has existed since the beginning of time: Euriphedes in ancient Greek comedy, Jonathan Swift’s poetry, Mozart’s letters….South Park and Homer Simpson.

Yes, all of these famous people and characters are well versed in scatological humour, otherwise known as “porcelain poetry”.

Why the interest?  Well, I’ve just had a thought provoking experience.  My dear hubby (who has a pattern of “repairing” things in evening hours directly before leaving for vacation) began to replace the toilet seat.  Began.  It is no longer functional.  Apparently porcelain and power tools are not a good combination….but what was needed to remove the old seat!  I’m all “cracked” up over this experience but have managed to maintain a sense of humour.  (I think)

Psychologists say that “toilet humour” aka scatological humour begins around potty training time, and is a type of humour found in all cultures.  Some people even argue that as adults, a good “toilet” joke is quite a skill when delivered with without offence.

Humour is good for our mental health, and if it’s not culturally or racially directed, and no one is the “butt” of the joke…is humour about managing our bodily functions (especially in public places) harmful? Infantile? Or fun? 

I can’t find any research on the topic…but there must be a great market….otherwise, “tidy whitey” commercials wouldn’t be so popular…. Enjoy the humour!

Without a functional throne in my house, perhaps I should do as suggested: “enjoy the go” and head out to the bush with those cute bears?

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