Saturday, July 13, 2013

How was your week?

At work this week, we had a meeting on the phone with a group of eight people.  It began with some casual conversation….how are things going and so forth.  The organizer mentioned that his work week was, well….could he use the word: “crazy” he asked?  Everyone laughed and chimed in that he most definitely could.  Why did he ask then?  My “no” was drowned out and it made me think….am I overly sensitive? 
So what is “crazy”?  Apparently in the 15th century, the brain was being referenced as a pot (the kind you cook with) and persons whose mental health was suffering were “cracked pots”.  A “crack pot” takes on a different meaning these days.   The verb “craze” came into use in the 17th century, again meaning “cracked” or “insane”.  It was not until 1927, when the word “crazy”was first used in jazz music as a slang for “cool, exciting”.
Is “crazy” cool and exciting….has the meaning of the word “crazy” moved to something positive?  How do you use the word?  Is it ever appropriate to use?
I am of the zero-tolerance opinion.   If a word is offensive, I would rather take it out of my vocabulary completely rather than risk offending someone. 
Can we substitute another word for “crazy?”  So how about an unbelievable, inconceivable, incredible, unthinkable, unimaginable, outlandish, nightmarish, strange, screwy, nonsensical, unreasonable, unbalanced, senseless, unworkable week?  And then I also came across the words: kafkaesque or quixotic…they might be impressive? Would that describe it:  or was it just plain crazy?

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