Sunday, June 30, 2013

The other "N" word

Driving down the highway, listening to the radio this week, a news story caught my attention.  In fact, it has caught the attention of several major companies:  Target, Home Depot, The Food Network, Walmart, Caesars, Novo Nordisk (a diabetes drug maker)…and more!  
The fourth highest earning celebrity chef in 2012, from the southern United States, is famous Paula Deen.   She was a spokesperson for all of these companies….was.   She was dropped immediately.  Why?  It was discovered she committed a repulsive sin for which, later in the week, she pleads innocence for.  If you’re interested, here’s a video link:
What is Paula guilty of?  Quite frankly…she used the “N” word. In my complete innocence and ignorance, I had a momentary sense of relief….the “N” word is no longer acceptable…yeah!  Yes, it was momentary as I realized that we were talking about the “N” word that that relates to the colour of skin which should have long been erased from our vocabulary.
My hope was that the world’s reaction was to the other “N” word….the kind that rhymes with “huts” and is used regularly to describe persons we don’t wish to understand: persons with a mental illness.  When will there be stigma associated in using the other “n” word, the word that should only appear on labels of jars or packages of the food we eat: nuts!

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