Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stand Up To Bullying?

On Monday, the Government announced that it will spend $250,00 (through the Red Cross) to help put an end to Bullying and hopefully some of the tragic suicides that take place because of it.

In this initiative, 2,400 teenagers aged 13-17 will be trained to deliver prevention workshops.  After this training, each teen will commit to reach out to at least 20 others peers in his/her community to create more concern about bullying.    The campaign is called: Stand Up to Bullying.
There will also be three youth led forums, one in B.C., one in Ontario and one in the Atlantic region.
Rehteah Parsons, Amanda Todd, Emily McNamara, Jenna Bowers-Bryanton, Courtenay Brown, James Hulbley: all youth whom died by suicide who endured bullying through social media.   5 youth, in 3 years…. but how many more? 
In Ontario alone, 3 busloads of children/youth will die by suicide each year….how many of these deaths are linked to bullying? 
It is good to empower youth, but is this funding enough?  Does the responsibility lie with youth to take the initiative to train other youth….and do we really expect youth to “stand up to bullying”.  Are we implying that youth should be strong enough to “fight back?” 
What about changes to the criminal code that are aimed at bullying through social media and technology?  What about having more discussions as adult to adult about what is happening to our children?  Who needs to get tough and “fight back?”  Perhaps as adult we should take a look around and  Stand Up to Bullying?  Who needs to set the example?

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