Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birth-day!

It has been a “happy” weekend. We had the opportunity to join my son, and his girlfriend, as he celebrated his birthday.Friends of ours celebrated their father’s 90th birthday…that’s 90 birthday cakes over one lifetime. My math skills aren’t good enough to calculate just how many candle that would be in a lifetime….can you tell me how many?

The custom of lighting candles  began with the Greeks who worshipped Artemis,goddess of the moon. Her birthday was celebrated once a month with a round cake and lighted candles to represent the glowing moon.And, of course, the delicious handmade birthday cake I indulged in was accompanied by the Happy Birthday song which began early in the 1900’s.

Research shows that rituals increase positive feelings of satisfaction:a sense of belonging and a stronger sense of identity. Families who develop rituals function more effectively. What I know, most definitely,was that I had fun…. and by the smiles on my family, so did they….right down to the dog! It was great to watch the girls decorate the cake, and my son showing off the costume that went with it (I’ll keep the details private….but I do have pictures!)

It’s times like these that make me wonder why we don’t “party” more often? Instead of just celebrating and remembering the day we were born, what would happen if we celebrated each and every day? Perhaps our “figures” mightchange with the indulgence of daily cake….or would we simply get accustomed to the celebration and not enjoy the party if we did so more often? I had a lot of time to think on my way back home….and I think the secret for me, to this “happy” weekend was the anticipation of having a good time. In fact, I’m going to try to have a year of “happy”!

As I wake up each day ( and I hope I will)…it will be a new birth-day, an attitude of anticipation and a reason to celebrate! Happy birth-day!

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