Sunday, April 21, 2013

Justin Trudeau's Roots

The attacks and subsequent deaths at the Boston Marathon this week are truly alarming.   As with any other horrendous event, comment is always sought from our government.
Harper quickly responded condemning the acts.  He assured Canadians that such events on our soil would be treated as harshly as possible. As the newly elected Liberal leader, Trudeau’s comments and nuances were clear that a culture of fear and mistrust and terrorism cannot be tolerated. 
In response, Harper took the opportunity to condemn Trudeau’s comment which further suggested that “root causes” should be examined.Two different reactions, neither, in my opinion condoning terrorism.
Harper is swift to punish that is clear.  However, he missed a huge opportunity which appears not to have even occurred to him; however, I’m not surprised.  While he’s too politically savvy to not openly condemn persons with mental illness. However, Bill C 54  (to prevent  what he considers to be the early releases of individuals that were deemed mentally ill at the time of violent crimes) in my opinion discloses his prejudice to those who have mental illness.
What Harper missed was the opportunity in Trudeau’s comment:  "We don't know if it was terrorism, or a single crazy, or a domestic issue or a foreign issue…”
”A single crazy”….what does this mean?  Versus multiple crazies?
Really Justin.   Did you mean that it might have been a person with mental illness?   Do you not know that people with mental illness are no more aggressive than people without mental illness?  Do you not know that “crazy” is a verbal stigma used regularly to describe people with mental illness?
 I am amazed that, having a mother who has Bipolar disorder and who is such a keen activist in promoting understanding about mental illness, you could be so ignorant.  So ignorant, in fact, that you could rationalize an active of terrorism in such a way with such a root cause.
Justin, have your forgotten your roots?


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