Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrating Art

I’ve just come home from the Moonbeam Art Festival and feel inspired!  What a beautiful display of local talent: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, soap stone, wood….  This is the 11th year for the festival honouring one of its founders, the late Mary Weymark Goss. 

Mary, and other co-artists have been instrumental in the lives of local youth, including both of my children.  Many “older” artists say how difficult it is to “come out” and display their art.  One of the goals of the Moonbeam festival is to encourage children to display and take pride in their creativity.  This is part of giving children a healthy start in life.  There were many drawings and paintings proudly displayed by child artists this week.
Much scientific research speaks of the effectiveness of using art to help children express inner feelings.   When words loose their meaning, new studies are examining the positive effect of art on  people with Alzheimer’s .  Young and old, art has a positive effect.  It creates therapeutic feelings in the right hemisphere of our minds and eases the effects of depression. 

 I took a drawing class last winter given by a local artist.  Having been publicly displayed in high school for my lack of artistic ability ( the teacher made fun of my elk drawing in a science class)  it was a real challenge to believe I could produce something worth looking at. The greatest gift Josee gave me in the drawing class was the confidence and the ability to relax and feel positive about drawing.

How wonderful it was to see art commemorated this week, and to remember how art influences our right mind.  It re-minded me that I need to take more time to keep myself healthy, and who knows, perhaps I’ll even display next year?  Maybe I should even try to draw another elk?

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