I had a nightmare this week which is unusual for me; however, I believe I know the cause: a video clipping, posted near the end of  the supper-time news broadcast.
A car speeding down a Russian highway lost control and "something" smashed through the back window and was thrown onto the opposite side of the highway.  A transport truck swerved and narrowly missed the baby which a parent rushed to retrieve.  I was so alarmed, I immediately shot off an email to Global.  I received a prompt response saying:  not only had one transport narrowly missed the child, but 3 transports had missed the child whom was apparently "ok" and thanks for watching.  Really?  Should I have felt happy and content?
Today I read about a study that is going to be released in the medical journal: Psychological Science. 
Scientists found that messages about tough times and bad news creates a desire for people to eat more...in fact, about 40% more than when we hear neutral messages. 
These scientists assure us that no funding from private industry was used, despite using M and M candies (people chose the regular high calorie type M and M's over  a brand new low calorie type).
Don't you feel better knowing that bad news can make you eat more?  Wasn't this study a wise use of dollars in mental health research?  What do you think?
Perhaps I'm just missing the point.  Perhaps being thrown out of a vehicle, because your parents failed to strap you into your car seat, really is a good news story?
Let me get some M and M's and think about that!  (by the way, the low calorie type don't really exist)